The Great Salt Lake Volleyball Club

Club GSL was founded in 2015 and has since grown to 4 locations (Draper, Sandy, Herriman, and St. George, UT). We have a staff of 45 coaches, some of whom are working year-round teaching and promoting the game of volleyball. Club GSL has programs designed for boys and girls ages 5–18, ranging from beginners to advanced levels. In 2019, we were able to secure college scholarships for every graduating senior.

Club GSL is dedicated to developing athletes, from skill sets to life skills. We strive to help each player reach their full potential, focusing on the process and knowing the results will follow. Our coaching mantra is “Prepare, Trust, and Do.” We help our athletes improve, become self-reliant, and develop a lifelong passion for the game. We have a talented coaching staff and are dedicated to helping our athletes achieve an inner confidence, both on and off the court. We strive to create a competitive, fun, and challenging environment in our gym.

Core Values

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Getting athletes recruited is one of the most important roles in club volleyball, and we take this responsibility very seriously. Our goal is to ensure every graduating senior receives at least one offer to play at the college level.

Being a member of our Elite or Elect teams automatically enrolls you into our Recruitment Program, at no additional fee. Many athletes spend thousands of dollars and pay third party recruitment companies. Club GSL includes this program into your club fees.

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Lewis & Clark College
Southern Utah University
Colorado State University
Westminster College
Casper College
Texas A&M University
Central Wyoming College
Dixie State University
Yavapai College

Athlete Progression

This is the place where volleyball starts. Designed for boys and girls ages 5 – 14. Beginner level athletes learn the fundamentals of the game and prepare to begin playing at higher levels. This program runs year round and athletes sign up month to month.

Club GSL introduced and has pioneered this amazing program. It is designed for boys (ages 5 – 13) and girls (ages 5 – 15) who are interested in the club volleyball experience. Offered in 2 convenient locations in Herriman and Sandy. Season runs January – March.

These teams are comprised of intermediate to advanced level athletes. They practice twice a week and compete in AAU tournaments (which may include ID and St. George). Season runs November – April.

Our Elite teams are comprised of advanced level athletes that practice twice a week, play in local tournaments, and travel to up to 2 National Tournaments during the 6 month season. This level places a heavy emphasis on securing scholarships for the athletes. Season runs November – April.

This is the most advanced level of club volleyball. These athletes practice 3 x per week, compete in local tournaments and travel to 3 National Qualifier Tournaments during the season. Sunday play is required. This level places a heavy emphasis on securing scholarships for the athletes. Season runs November – April.