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Email sent July 26, 2018 regarding our upcoming Club Season
Dear Parent,
I hope this email finds you and your family having a great summer filled with sunshine and family fun.
GSL has been very busy over the last few months teaching volleyball to high school programs all across the country. We have travelled over 7000 miles since May 31 and worked with 12 high schools so far. In addition, our grass academies have been a huge success, and we have also seen many GSL kids playing beach volleyball this summer.  We love teaching the game of volleyball and are so grateful to everyone for their love and support of what we do.
The purpose of this email is to address some of the changes in Club Volleyball that we are seeing in our area. As some of you may already know, 2 of the larger Utah clubs are working toward creating year round club volleyball. One club is having Elite tryouts at the end of July and the other is having their Elite tryouts  in August.  Both of these tryouts are BEFORE THE HIGH SCHOOL SEASON. 
These announcements have created a flurry of conversations amongst the volleyball community, and as the owner of Club GSL I am being asked what our plans are for the upcoming year. After consulting with multiple club owners, high school coaches and parents, including Club GSL’s Manager Brecken Huntsman as well as our Club Director Melissa Glasker, our thoughts are as follows:
1- Club GSL will not have early tryouts, but instead stay with what we believe is a better strategy for the long term welfare of our young athletes. 
2- Our tryouts will follow a similar timeline to what we did last year,  where high school aged athletes will tryout the week after the State High School Championships in early November.  
3- Our younger kids (kids ages 8-14 and under) tryouts will be in early October. 
4- The Fall League (junior high aged kids and also those athletes who get cut from their High School programs) will run from the beginning of September thru the end of October.
5- For those Elite athletes wanting more individualized training and more reps we will be creating Wednesday coaching PODS (regular practices will be Tuesdays and Thursdays).  These PODS will be held in small groups, and the focus will be on individual positional training (Outside Hitting, Middle Blocking, Setting, Defense etc.). Please watch for more info coming out on that new product.
While we respect the clubs moving in the direction of year round club volleyball, we feel that our kids should be able to enjoy and completely commit to each season which, in my opinion, is already a massive amount of volleyball.
Here is the volleyball calendar we support:
1- High School: August thru November  
2- Junior High: September thru October
3- Club: November thru May (perhaps a little longer for teams wanting to compete at Nationals)
4- Summer: High School open gyms and conditioning; Grass Academies and Tourneys; Beach Volleyball Academies and Tournaments run June thru August
I recently read a quote from Bobby Orr concerning the same issues that Hockey is having with year round play which I 100% agree with.
 “Kids play too much. I mean kids are playing 12 months a year – little ones. They don’t need it. Play other sports and have other coaches. Hang around other kids and other parents. I think that’s all healthy. Parents think their kids need to play for people to see them. Look, if your kid can play, they will find you.”
Please feel free to research for yourself what college coaches all across the country in every sport are saying. You’ll find that they are mostly saying the same thing…that kids are burning out and getting injured at a more rapid pace than ever before.
Our coaching staff at Club GSL includes college coaches, college athletes and a combined 100 years of  volleyball coaching and playing experience in the state of Utah.
We want the very best for your young athlete, and that includes a well balanced life outside of volleyball.
We also feel that the rising costs of club volleyball are pricing many amazing kids out of the game, something I have very strong opinions about. Our pricing will be very similar to last years prices.
Club GSL’s Elite teams were consistently at the very top of Utah’s rankings last year, and competed very well at every level of tournaments, including in the National events. If your athlete has college volleyball potential, we will find her a scholarship offer. We feel that our delivering on that promise is a huge part of what we must offer to you as the parent.
Thank you for taking the time to read through this lengthy email. Perhaps we are on the wrong side of this, because almost every sport is already moving in this direction. But for the upcoming season, and for as long as we can, we will try to avoid making indoor volleyball a year round job for these young ladies.
Our mission is to offer the highest quality of coaching and competition at fair prices, while allowing time for families to enjoy other activities together.
Thank you for your continued support of Club GSL and all of our programs. We feel truly blessed to do what we do and will continue to strive to improve who we are and what we offer.
As always, please feel free to call me directly with any questions concerning any aspect of what we do. We will be announcing our exact dates very soon via our social media platforms, as well our text messaging and email services.
Thank you,
Be Great.